Legal Fees

Our legal fees are established on a case by case basis depending on several criteria, such as the type of case, its complexity and the time required to resolve it.

As auxiliary criteria we take into account the length of our relationship with the client and the representativeness of the case and the amount involved on it.

In each particular case, legal fees are estimated and agreed directly between the lawyer and the client on an initial consultation that has to be previously requested by the interested person.



Initial consultation is an hour’s length meeting where the attorney analyzes the client’s case, solves questions, proposes legal alternatives, and being the case, estimates the legal fees for the client’s representation.



If you are located abroad or outside the city of Bogotá, you can arrange a telephonic initial consultation with us, upon payment of the consultation fee.

Payment can be made by bank deposit or electronic transfer to the account that will be provided via telephone. If you prefer, you can pay online via PayPal making a click on the icon below and following the instructions after the click. Fees for initial consultation paid through PayPal are US$110.00.